Withdrawals Policy

When withdrawing with AtecsCapital, is easy and secured

Upon withdrawing the following basic principles apply:

  • There are no restrictions on trader funds meaning you can request to withdraw any amount at any time without being penalized.
  • You’ll not be charged any commission or transfer fees if you are transacting with your credit card or e-wallet. Charges only apply in case you are using wire transfer- a general fee of $30 will apply.
  • The average wait time for approval of a withdrawal request is 7-15 business days. The days may seem many but it’s because banks take time to process a request.
  • You can withdraw via wire transfer or credit card. However, you don’t just withdraw, you must first log in to your account and make an online request. There is a link under the deposit page of your account with which you click then it guides you to send the online request.
  • All funds withdrawn are sent to your named account through electric transfer means. If for any reason you fail to turn over these funds, they will be transferred back to the same card- this doesn’t apply to wire transfers. Note however that the funds can only be transferred to an account that holds the same name as your trading name. No transfers can be made to a third party’s bank account.
  • Withdrawals are automatically canceled if your account balance falls below the one stated in the statements you submit at the beginning of your withdrawal process.
  • Pending bonuses, if any, are automatically canceled if you make a withdrawal request and the request gets to be approved Withdrawal methods Basically, there are two withdrawal methods you can use: the credit card method and wire transfer method.

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The withdrawal process

To withdraw, you must fill in a withdrawal form that involves two major sections: the client’s information section & account details section.

  • Client’s information section: many fields are required in the section. Details such as your name, address, email, and status, among others must be filled.
  • Account details: depending on whether you choose the credit card or wire transfer method, fill in the details accordingly
    • If you use the credit card method, you’ll fill in your name and the last four digits of your card number.
    • For wire transfer method, fill in your name, the name, and address of your bank, your account number/IBAN number (for international transfer), and the SWIFT or BIC code of your bank.
    • After filling all mandatory fields, sign the withdrawal form and submit it. Wait for the approval within the stated days. Your funds will show up in your account immediately upon approval.