Privacy Policy

AtecsCapital is a company that ensures full privacy and security along with confidentiality for each one of their clients during their every interaction by the company as well as way in the future. In no circumstances shall any of the private confidential stuff shall be misused. 

According to the Privacy Policy, when a client(s) signs up with the company, they are required to share certain confidential information intended for identity confirmation and safekeeping of their deposit and trading accounts. The information is put together and preserved by the company with utmost safety and the finest and the most unsurpassed possible security.

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The clients who partake to trading with the company need to confirm that the information they are providing about their individuality are entirely genuine and the trading they partake upon while trading with the company are entirely done by themselves and they are not impersonating any individual or doing the trading for the behalf of someone. If found in engagement of such activities strict legal action might be taken by AtecsCapital against the Client(s).

The company procedures for collection of client data includes collection of data which are given by the client by their own will and by placing website cookies in a way such as to gather the information about how the client intermingle with the website of the company. these kinds of data collecting procedures is only to guarantee the safety of the client and are only shared with the individual concerned about the customer information verification inside the company itself and are not shared with any third party.

The company, AtecsCapital, in no circumstances would share personal information of the client with any other individual or organization or any other third party without the verified and written consent from the client himself/herself and would only do so if expos is required by the law. Other than that the personal information provided by the client is only used to run verification analysis of the client to protect their personal accounts.

After registering with AtecsCapital and for their products and services, the client consents their use of personal information by AtecsCapital regarding their trading account and any kind of interaction made by the client(s) by or for the company. Every kind of interaction made by the client(s) would be saved by the company for future use in cases of disputes if may arise between the client and the company.

The company, AtecsCapital, ensures protection of client(s) information and data by each and every means that is possible by the company to partake. The company would use new developed software which might be required to protected client(s) personal information. The company AtecsCapital would ensure the software used for data protection are constantly updated and are up to date for the purpose of information safety.

The company AtecsCapital may get in touch with the client(s) to inform them about Crypto currencies or about their trading accounts via their contact number or via email. From time to time AtecsCapital may also contact with the client via their contact number or email and inform them about newsletters or promotional offerings. The client(s) accepts to receive such phone calls and email while agreeing with the Terms and Conditions with the company and has options for opting out from such emails or phone calls by simply contacting the company via the Company Contact Number or Email and informing about their wish to unsubscribe from such phone calls or email.


The company uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol to protect personal information .The SSL encrypts the information before being transferred to our computer by scribbling on the registration form which ensures complete safety even from the company personnel except for the person concerned in storage of client(s) information.The Company also makes notable effort to protect the personal information provided by the Client(s) to us. The company does not keep any kind of Credit, Debit or Net Banking detail after it has been used by our Client(s)The company would never in any circumstances reveal any Credit/Debit card information provided by the client other that the client themselves or the Visa/MaesterCard Company or if asked by the Government through valid demands.

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