Crypto Glossary


If you are looking to invest and earn with AtecsCapital, you will have to learn first. There is not a single field in this world which will allow you to move forward and earn without the knowledge of that field. Until you visit our Education Center for more detailed guides, here we have given some of the most important terms at one glossary page so you will not waste your time to search these terms. You will have to focus on these terms in glossary to understand the market in a better way.

Ask Price

This is the price which the market is going to offer when you will go to buy. This is also called the price which is being offered by the market. When you will see the market chart, you will find two lines of price, this is going to be the upper line.

Average true range

It is a market indicator, which can be used to better understand the market. If the ATR is high this means that there is more volatility in the market. You can set the time for which you need the ATR and the system will give you the value by taking an average of open and close price of that particular time period.

Base Currency

In case of a currency pair, there are two currencies give. One is on the upper side and one is on the lower side. Base currency means the currency which you are trading and it will be on the upper side of the pair. In the EUR/USD pair, EUR is the base currency.

Buy Order

This is the order in which you will buy the market and hope for the price to go up.


When you will go to the market to sell your market share, you will be given a price which is going to be on the lower side of the spread. It is called the bid price.

Bull Market

The market which is gaining value or the market is in an uptrend, is called the bull market. The market which is on an uptrend is called the bullish market.

Bear Market

The market which is showing a downtrend is called the bear market. If the market is in a continuous downtrend, it is called the bearish market

Crypto market

This is a special type of market which will allow you to trade the cryptocurrencies

Consolidation Market

This is a market condition in which the market is not trending. This means that the market will show limited uptrend or downtrend.

Currency pairs

This is a pair which will include two currencies. One is on the upper side and one on the lower side. In market, the pairs are traded.


It is a graphical representation of the data in the market.

Fundamental analysis

This is the type of analysis in which the trader will forecast the market trend by checking the condition of the country for that particular currency.


It is a value which is calculated based on the market price value and gives you a better insight of the market condition.


It is the number which can be multiplied by your current account balance to the amount of market share you can invest in. More leverage means with a low balance you can get more market share but at higher risk.


It is the minimum unit by which the price is changed in the market.

Sell Order

This is the type of order which is used to sell the market and the profit will be made if the market is bearish.


It is the difference between the Bid and the Ask price.

Technical Analysis

This is a type of observation in which you will forecast the market by using the patterns on the chart.

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