Bonus Policy

Trading Bonus Policy at Atecs Capital

Different types of bonuses are being provided by AtecsCapital with the intention of helping traders to commence with crypto trading on the web. Here, we will see how they function, and how you can obtain them.

  1. Pending Bonus – Trading bonuses may be offered at times by AtecsCapital to some particular merchants. This bonus is going to be transferred into your account which will be pending a trading volume of as many as 20 times the bonus amount along with the deposit money for any incentive up to 50%. Every single bonus satisfying the requirement of the trading volume is going to be included provided there is support approval. These funds can be withdrawn by you at your preferred time before they reach the volume traded required for obtaining the bonus.
  2. FTRF (First Trade Risk Free) Bonus Policy – On some occasions, AtecsCapital might provide trading bonuses ranging between 10% and 50% of the amount deposited to some particular traders so that it is possible for them to open their original position with the bonus amount. The clients will be offered their money back by the FTRF feature in case their initial trade does expire out-of-the-money. In that case, the bonus is going to be exercised while the investment amount will be added back automatically to the balance of the customer.This FTRF bonus is not going to be applied and also canceled automatically in the subsequent cases:
    • An investment is chosen by the client whose amount is more than that of the FTRF bonus.
    • The “sell back” feature is used by the client for the initial trade

It is possible to withdraw the bonus when you reach a trading volume which is 30 times that of the First Trade Risk Free investment amount.

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  1. Immediate Cash Bonus Policy – At times, AtecsCapital might provide training bonuses to some particular merchants in the form of immediate cash into their account balance, and this will enable the customers to utilize this bonus instantly for trading. This bonus can be withdrawn once you reach a trading volume of 30 times the amount of the deposit amount as well as the cash bonus.  In case you request a withdrawal at a time when the trading volume hasn’t been reached or if the customer is requesting to close his account, all the profits along with the cash bonus are going to be canceled while the original deposit might only be withdrawn.
  1. Tradable Bonus – On some occasions, AtecsCapital might provide with its clients with a tradable bonus ranging between 10% – 100% of the amount deposited. The client will be offered a tradable bonus which will be released into the trading account as a withdrawable cash balance once reaching the necessary trading volume. To liquidate the bonus funds, one must reach 50% of the received bonus in trader-points. Each trader point is equal to $400,000 in trading volume. For example if you are getting $100 as a tradable bonus – you will have to reach 50 Trading points which is equivalent to $20,000,000 in trading volume.

In case a withdrawal has been requested but the necessary training volume hasn’t been reached or if the customer wants to close his account, all profits along with the trade insurance incentive are going to be canceled while the initial deposit might only be withdrawn.

General terms for all bonuses

AtecsCapital has the right to alter, set, and annul any requirements for bonus eligibility according to its own discretion. The policy will be made public by AtecsCapital under which you will be eligible for withdrawing any bonus that you have received, and you can also enhance, alter, narrow or even annul the given policy at any given time.

On some occasions, AtecsCapital might provide referrals to clients who have encountered losses while making use of the service. Refunds are going to be offered only at the discretion of AtecsCapital and you won’t have any claim for any type of refund whatsoever.

Any type of manipulation, forgery, and other types of fraudulent activities in the account of any client will lead to the cancellation of all the bonuses that have been granted previously along with all the transactions carried out plus profits or losses incurred therein. In these types of situations, AtecsCapital will have the right to either suspend or close the accounts of these types of clients at its own discretion.

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Terms and Conditions

AtecsCapital will encourage its customers to participate in the offers; however, they should not abuse them whatsoever.  It is imperative to use the benefits or bonuses within the stipulated time as defined in the particulars of the offer.

AtecsCapital has the exclusive right to revoke the benefit or bonus in case the offer is abused or the terms of the offer are not fulfilled. In such cases, the decision of AtecsCapital is going to be final.  It is not possible to return or remove the bonus once it enters the trading account. The brokers of AtecsCapital do not have any ability to get rid of the bonus.

Once a bonus is accepted by you into your trading account, you’re agreeing with all the terms and conditions mentioned above. In case the necessary turnover isn’t satisfied while making any request for withdrawal, the bonuses will be canceled automatically.