Technology has brought changes in investing. Online trading has become a tread in the modern world. If one trades right, the rewards are great. as a result of there so many trading sites that offer you the online trading services.

Atecs Capital is an outstanding trading site that guarantees security for your investments. Atecs capital offers safe banking options that will help you withdraw and deposits money easily and safely.

Below are some services offered by our trading website.

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Credit card

As we are all familiar with the credit card, it is the safest and easiest way to make withdrawals and deposits in the bank. Atecs capital allows the use of a credit card as a banking option due to its security. As there are so many types of credit cards, we support the following;

  • Visa
  • Diners
  • MasterCard
  • Visa electron
  • Solo
  • Delta
  • Maestro UK (switch)

It is advisable to first register your maestro card with your bank to make it easy for you to make deposits. This is because the registration will give you a 3D code that is vital for making maestro deposits.

Wire transfer

Wire transfer is a process where money can be transferred from one bank to another or from bank to an investor crypto account electronically. SWIFT AND Fedwire are networks that support the electronic process.   Although you may be charged some fee for the money to be wired, the main advantages of this banking option you can make transfers from your account to the crypto account without paying for the service.

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Just like a credit card, an e-wallet is an electronic card linked to your bank account that enables to make an online transaction. The advantage of an e-wallet is that is quick and safe to use. At Atecs capital we have had over twenty digital ways to enable our customers to have an easy quick and secure online trading. With the above services, Atecs capital is your trusted online trading partner.