AtecsCapital Review

According to research, the number of people at glance trading cryptocurrency is undeniably rising. Although it is hard to get the exact value, there are some data points that show tantalizing clues.

Trading cryptocurrency is booming, particularly in the current times. There are several trading firms out there looking for traders to handle their buying and selling needs. However, it is your responsibility to look for a dependable and trustworthy broker who will undoubtedly handle all your trading desire. The broker must be liable for buying or selling securities where their traders have placed their investments. The crypto world offers nearly comparable rules and regulations, just like every other market. The roles of an intermediary are equally critical where financial investments are involved. They ensure safety between firms and consumers. This is where Atecs capital literary comes into play. We are actually one of the best trading firms (middlemen) that assist the investors to manage their securities and trade them.

About US

We are a professional cryptocurrency trading company. Our objective is to offer expert solutions to all the traders across the globe. Our financial experts and advisors are happy to see everyone earning and investing in the right way. You are aware that trading is a journey that requires collaboration, right? Well, our experts are glad to help with any trading query. There are a few aspects you need actually to succeed in cryptocurrency trading. You exclusively need an excellent trading platform, individual management skills, and experience. You also need to comprehend the type of investment you want to engage in.

Our motto is trustworthy and simplicity. About 50% of most cryptocurrency trading firms are not a secure place for your investments. There are many cases of people losing their money, and we are here to ensure that you don’t fall into the hands of scams. Atecs capital is arguably one of the best firms that guarantee the security of your investments. Our platform is as well straightforward. Everything is clear from signing up and depositing to withdrawing. We value all traders, may it be small or big investors. Our platform also maintains a very straightforward way of trading due to the high technology system used.

Assets you can trade with

We are an exception when it comes to offering assets to trade with. We have unlimited trading options to ensure that all our traders never miss a thing. Our detailed assets below guarantee a secure and safe trading experience.

Bitcoin – Bitcoin is popularly known across the globe. Atecs Capital supports this cryptocurrency and proudly offers a fast and easy way to exchange fiat money instantly and vice Versa. You only need to register here and make a deposit.

Litecoin – Litecoin is a peer-to-peer currency that can be transacted directly between individuals and businesses. Most of its functionality works closely similar to the bitcoin; however, there is a variance that sets the two apart in terms of its additional amount of speed and affordability. If you like trading Litcoin, you can get it through a cryptocurrency exchange or Atecs Capital. Why trade in Litecoin? Well, it comprises of many currency pairs, and you can purchase it with your credit card. Our Atecs Capital platform exclusively offers this service. Identity and registration are required when registering. Verification is a must to avoid fraud or money laundering.

Ethereum – You can start investing in Ethereum trading through our Atecs Capital platform. You’re only required to open an account, make a minimum deposit of $250, invest in it, and make a wise decision regarding long or short trading.

Dash – Just like with any other cryptocurrency, Dash trading has something extra to offer. We offer a dash trading opportunity to our clients. It is traded the same way with other cryptocurrencies and uses digital currency for selling, buying, and other transactions. You only need to sign up here with some basic details: Your bank account, debit card, credit card, and other relevant essentials attached to it.

Ripple – Ripple trading is currently among the popular cryptocurrencies on the market. If you like trading on volatile cryptocurrency to make an instant profit, then Ripple should be your priority. You only require a platform to purchase your ripple currency. You can use the same platform to exchange the coin for bitcoin or fiat currency.

Ico – Initial Currency Offer (ICO) is essentially a type of funding that utilizes cryptocurrency. Actually, the whole process is done using crowdfunding. If ICO trading is your thing, then you can get started by signing up here.

Safety and security

Atecs Capital gives zero tolerance to identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering, or terrorist activity. Atecs Capital looks forward to safeguarding your private details and integrity of confidential. These could be transaction details you make or account information. We look forward to ensuring zero cases of fraud and security measures are up to standards. To fully secure your details, few details are required which include the following;

– Copy of recent utility bill that includes your name and address.

– Copy of a valid passport bearing your signature.

– Copies of credit cards that you use to deposit money.

– Signed purchase history of online transactions.

Basically, we have anti-money laundering policies that discourage financial crimes. Our platform is regularly scanned for known vulnerability and security holes to make your visit to our site safe. All your details are contained behind a safe network that is only accessible to you. Additionally, all sensitive details are encrypted through SSL (secure socket layer) technology. There is a security measure implemented every time a user places an order enter, submit it, or access information to enhance security. The following is implemented to ensure all these works well;

– Customers to have a valid proof of their identification.

– Follow all the transactions closely.

– Not acknowledging money transfer from the third party.

– Finding the names of known or suspected criminals.

– Maintenance of the entire client’s record.

Click here to get in touch with us today for any concerns or queries.

Fast and easy registration

Opening Atecs capital account is pretty easy. You only need to follow these 3 steps:

– On our main page, click on register and fill in your details.

– You will be asked your first name, last name, select the country, phone number, email address, and the password.

– Agree to the T&C and then click the signup and verify your account.

Then, you can fund the account and start your trading journey. Get started here.

Minimum deposit, leverage, spreads & withdrawal

Atecs capital offers a trading opportunity to traders who have deposited a minimum of 500 USD, EUR, or GBP to their trading account. No registration fee is required; however, you need to register to get started. The leverage depends on the currency pair selected. The leverage can be 1:2 or 1:5, but some crypto pairs require 1:20 of which is available at Atecs Capital. Many brokers arguably claim that our spreads start from 0. It is unmistakably true because most crypto pairs contain low spreads. The good news when trading with Atecs Capital is that we don’t charge any commission whatsoever. This allows all traders to enjoy trading their crypto pairs with high leverage, low spreads, and zero commission.

Notwithstanding, withdrawing the money from the account is pretty easy. You only need to fill and submit a withdrawal request form. Withdrawal requires the following documents;

– Proof of the address

– Credit card

– Photo of your ID/license/passport or any other government official document.

It only takes three business days to receive your money — no minimum withdrawal amount. Debit/credit cards, bank wire, e-wallets, or Skrill can be used. No withdrawal fee is applied when a debit/credit card and e-Wallet are used. When using a bank wire transfer, a fee of $30 is charged. Usually, the Atecs Capital withdrawal policy is incredible. It is fast and no withdrawal fee for some payment methods.

Account types

We are glad to offer five different types of accounts to our customers. Based on our customers’ needs, they can select Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Basic account. All these accounts have basic features that include daily market review, pro webinars, 24/6 support, and educational center. There are other features accessible, depending on the type of account selected.


Customer support

One of the best features of our platform is customer support. Our support team is always fast and professional. You can get in touch with us via live chat, which is convenient and frequently used by our customers. The support team responds to all the concerns and queries on time. You can also reach out to us via email or phone number. This is an indicator that we are real and not a scam. Actually, we are here to ensure your goals and needs are met through the best trading platform. Just sign up with us today and enjoy a 365 support team that is willing to offer expert answers to all your trading concerns and queries, hence, taking your trading journey to the next level.